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Register your prom dress with the National Prom Dress Registry today!

Don't want to see yourself coming and going at prom this year? Then register your dress today with the National Prom Dress Registry to make sure you are the ONLY one at prom in your dress. It's easy to get started:

Anyone can view the list of dresses being worn to each high school so that no one shows up in the same dress. Tell your friends to register too, so that every dress is on the list! Go ahead, get started and check out the list for your school... and don't forget to register your dress!

Why Register?

Registering your prom dress with the National Prom Dress Registry is the ONLY way to ensure that you are the only girl at your prom with your dress! Prom stores often offer to register your dress, but this means that only that store can prevent other girls at your school from buying the same dress. Many people shop at other local stores, out of town, or online and these won’t be covered by your store's registry. Here, anyone can register their dress for everyone to see, no matter where they buy!